Snorkeling in Punta Cana; tips and places to practice it

Snorkeling in Punta Cana; tips and places to practice it In spite of the fact that jumping has an ever increasing number of supporters because of how much marine fauna and greenery that it permits you to find, making a plunge Punta Cana close to the shore and with little profundity will shock you. Find the marine abundance of the Caribbean Sea.

Swim, what you can find at the water level

Snorkeling is a very safe and simple water sport, which also does not require previous experience. Among its many advantages, it stands out that it is suitable for families and that the necessary material is very basic; goggles, a tube that supplies air and fins. You can also use a snorkel vest to float effortlessly.

Regarding snorkeling with children, first make sure you do it on suitable beaches and whose waters are calm and shallow.

And before recommending the best places to practice this activity, you have to know that no matter how shallow the snorkeling depth is and despite how close you are going to be to the shore, Punta Cana has an amount of fauna and flora that you’ll be surprised. Get ready to meet multiple marine species and coral reefs.

Where to snorkel in Punta Cana

To practice this activity we recommend Blue Marine Punta Cana, Playa Bávaro and Isla Saona, since on the Atlantic coast the waters are not so calm. Get ready to discover spectacular flora and fauna and enjoy a wide range of shades of blue throughout the Caribbean Sea.

Catalina Island

Our favorite option since it houses one of the most diverse ecosystems in the entire Caribbean, so it is ideal for fishing, diving or snorkeling. In addition to the fact that its climate is very good throughout practically the whole year.

The island is made up of coral stones, and its seabed is full of corals, seahorses and sponges, tropical fish and a long list of fascinating species.

And thanks to the fact that its beaches are protected from the wind, the sea is calm and the show is guaranteed.

Bavaro Beach

Its shallow depth and calm waters make it a perfect option for families. In addition, the warm temperature of its waters also plays in favor of this beach.

Saona Island

Isla Saona hides one of the best preserved nature reserves in the entire Caribbean. With more than 40 species of fish, 10 corals and three variants of sea turtles. If you are in Isla Saona we recommend that you do not miss the diving activity.

Tips for snorkeling in Punta Cana

The climate, the tranquility, the transparency and the temperature of the water in Punta Cana make snorkeling a good plan to make the most of the days. We give you more information to take into account if you decide to explore the marine fauna and flora.

Although the temperatures allow snorkeling practically all year round, December is free from the known threats of tropical storms, so it is an ideal season.
No matter how close you see marine species, try not to touch them or take them out of their habitat.
Also keep in mind that there are waves and many currents on the Atlantic coast, so it is not recommended to practice this activity in such turbulent waters.
If you want to get to know Punta in depth, do not hesitate to book an appointment to learn about the marine fauna and flora of this Dominican paradise.

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