Santo Domingo excursion from Punta Cana

Old world appeal, extraordinary climate and agreeable individuals

Visit the most seasoned city of the New World and Christopher Columbus’ most memorable long-lasting settlement after his “disclosure” of the Americas. Proclaimed an UNESCO World Heritage in 1992, Santo Domingo is a city of many “firsts” in the New World with the main basilica, cleared street, college, emergency clinic, stone home, bar and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Santo Domingo Day Trip from Punta Cana

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and perhaps of the most seasoned city in Central America, likewise known all through the world for having been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and for being the most established possessed European settlement in America.

Old world appeal and present day Western style merge here. Its compositional wealth from the sixteenth 100 years, its great memorable focus and its set of experiences connected to Christopher Columbus and its sixteenth century structures won’t leave you unconcerned.

Middle age fortifications, castles and roads with over 500 years of history mix with the metropolitan climate that invites innumerable road specialists, loads of Latin music and dance, and the delight and closeness of Dominican people.

The nation has a dominatingly heat and humidity and a typical temperature between 25-30°C. In the capital, summer is very sweltering and shady days are normal. In any case, winter is described by being hot and dry and its days are typically clear.

Assuming you are considering visiting Santo Domingo, any season is great, in spite of the fact that we suggest that you do it from the finish of November to the furthest limit of April

Furthermore, assuming what you need is to get comfortable the Dominican capital, you ought to realize that there are regions in Santo Domingo that are viewed as great for living today. Among them stands apart the Colonial City, Ensanche La Fe, Costa Verde and San Carlos, among others.

A centennial city

This extremely old city, whose complete name is Santo Domingo de Guzmán, was the primary seat of the Spanish provincial government in the New World.

At the time the Europeans showed up in Santo Domingo, it was home to the Taino Indians who had partitioned the island and impregnated it with their specialties and craftsmanship.

A large number of these pieces are safeguarded in its exhibition halls and verifiable focuses. As exhibition halls to visit, we suggest the National Museum of History and Geography, the Museum of the Dominican Man and the Pre-Hispanic Art Gallery, where you will find out about the pre-Columbian history of this country.

What you can’t miss

Its roads, its galleries, landmarks and authentic focuses have something vital to tell about the historical backdrop of America. We tell you the absolute requirement to visit Santo Domingo.

The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo
The supposed Colonial City is the most seasoned piece of the memorable focal point of Santo Domingo and it is definitively its essential job throughout the entire existence of the New World that caused UNESCO to pronounce it a World Heritage Site.

It merits considering the old Calle de Las Damas, the principal road that Colonial City had and whose name answers the way that the women strolled along it. Also, the most affluent families lived on this road. As a trademark beautiful component, it is worth focusing on the pioneer style tiles that finish it.

Colon Park

A nursery region that in its day was a spot for celebrating parties for the occupants of Santo Domingo and that today is a social and recreation focus, witness and scene of gatherings and far-reaching developments. A sculpture of Christopher Columbus in the middle gives the recreation area its name.

The recreation that happens in this park is the living portrayal of the Dominican way of life.

First Cathedral of America

This church building, otherwise called the Cathedral of Santo Domingo or the Minor Basilica of Santa María de la Encarnación, is the most seasoned in America and traces all the way back to the sixteenth 100 years.

The remaining parts of Christopher Columbus rested there for a really long time and its style is described by being made out of ribbed vaults.

It has a sum of 14 houses of prayer, including those of Diego Caballero, Alonso de Suazo or Bastidas, and contains workmanship and furniture of extraordinary worth.

Three Eyes National Park

tree eyes

The Tres Ojos caves are in the Mirador del Este park, and are comprised of an enormous freshwater lake that experienced a characteristic division millennia prior, leading to four interconnected caves.

It is known as the “Three Eyes” park since it has three inside lakes, in spite of the way that only one enormous one should be visible from an external perspective.

The four principal lakes are: Lake Aguas Azufradas (has a whitish part that was once remembered to be sulfur), La Nevera (a lake that doesn’t get daylight), Lago de las Damas (which was previously utilized as a spa ), and Los Zaramagullones (a few inquisitive ducks gave this lake its name).

On the visit inside the caverns, you can see the drawings of the antiquated Taínos on the walls.

The Alcazar de Colon

The Alcázar de Colón is the main strengthened royal residence in the New World and one of the most meaningful spots in Santo Domingo.

It is a Gothic and Renaissance royal residence where Diego Colón, child of Christopher Columbus, resided. what’s more, it was here that probably the main gatherings with Cortés, Velázquez or Balboa were held.

Throughout the long term, the structure was left in ruins and fully intent on safeguarding the Alcázar, proclaimed a public landmark in 1870.

Today it has 22 saved rooms that show the way of life from the sixteenth to the eighteenth 100 years.

Pantheon of the Fatherland

This old church of the Society of Jesus from the finish of the eighteenth century saves the remaining parts of key verifiable figures, for example, Américo Lugo, Antonio del Monte y Tejada or Antonio Batista.

Since it was introduced, it has served various capabilities over the long run: from filling in as a venue to facilitating public workplaces.

To get to know Santo Domingo inside and out, make certain to book our journey. We ensure that it won’t leave you aloof.

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