Hopping Visit to Catalina Island

Attempt to find maybe of the most distinctive seabed on earth on this plunging visit to Catalina Island. Two dives are consolidated, and you can go to them whether or not you have understanding, as we are joined by instructors who will tell you the best way to hop.

Isla Catalina, the best spot to do the best making a plunge the Dominican Republic

With just 25 square kilometers, Catalina Island is quite possibly of the most lovely spot in the Dominican Republic, wealthy in marine fauna and with a typical yearly temperature of 25 degrees.

Shores of fine white sand, completely clear waters, and considerably less visited than Isla Saona. It is consequently that the Catalina Island visit is so exceptional.

Plunging Visit in Catalina Island

Our sea side in Catalina Island
Following hopping we will go to our sea side, where we have loungers, the food buffet and we can participate in a wonderful swim in those completely clear waters.

El Muro, an exceptional spot to plunge
el muro Buceo en Isla Catalina con punta cana city tours

We call “El Muro” or “La Pared”, where we will leap to a significance of 25m (individuals who have PADI, the people who don’t have a title, may have the choice to go down to 12 meters in the eastern piece of Catalina Island).

The Dominican Republic Aquarium

We will do another make a dive El Acuario, the coral reef that includes Isla Catalina. This plunge is at a shallow significance, some place in the scope of 3 and 6 meters, and we will really need to see a clear scene of corals and shaded fish.

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