Discover Los Tres Ojos National Park in Santo Domingo

Los Tres Ojos National Park is an increasingly well-known tourist attraction that is located just a few minutes from the center of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.

tres ojos nacional park

What is the Los Tres Ojos National Park?

This wonder of nature was formed thousands of years ago after many of the rocks in the area collapsed, resulting in a division of four freshwater lakes and limestone caves. It has three interior and underground lakes and another exterior lake and the flora and fauna of its surroundings are preserved in optimal conditions.

The name of Los Tres Ojos derives precisely from the perspective of the three interior lakes, which cannot be appreciated from the outside.

And a brief recommendation; The guides and connoisseurs of the place say that first thing in the morning the lighting is very good and allows you to appreciate the blue of the lakes in a special way.

If you are thinking of visiting the caves on foot, you have to know that it is necessary to walk on the surface that connects the different lakes:

Sulfur Eye or Lake

This is the first lake that you see at the entrance and although it has the same blue and transparent tone as the rest of the lakes, you can see whitish areas on the surface. The name of this lake comes from the ancient belief that the whitish substance was sulfur. However, later various studies concluded that it was the mineral calcium.


Eye or Lake of the Ladies

It is the second lake that we find and is characterized by its shallow depth and for being the smallest of all. It is believed that in pre-Columbian times it was used as a spa for women (ladies) and children, hence its name.

Eye or Lake La Nevera

It is the second largest lake and as its name suggests it is also the coldest since the sun barely reaches it (it is estimated that its temperature ranges from 15°C to 21°C) and as you move towards it, It acquires a darker and darker hue.

The Zaramagullones

This is the Fourth Lake and it is the deepest of all and the largest in diameter. It is located in the open air and is also known as Los Zaramagullones, in honor of the species of bird or amphibian duck native to the area.

This freshwater lake is surrounded by abundant natural vegetation and impressive cliffs, which give this place a particular beauty. As a curiosity, we tell you that some of the scenes from movies like Jurassic Park or series like Tarzan the ape man were shot in this wild setting.

The little light that enters some areas has encouraged the growth of vegetation in the hollows of the rocks and surrounding elements. If you look up the sky is covered with trees, branches and ferns, and you can also see the presence of harmless bats.

This place is also closely linked to the Taino culture and religion, so you will find references to this culture and you will also be able to observe archaeological sites on the surface.

If you are thinking of visiting Los Tres Ojos National Park
It is recommended that you wear shoes that adequately support the foot and that are comfortable to walk on, keep in mind that the floor is made of stone and that there is a lot of humidity.

It is also recommended to wear light clothing, precisely because of the intensity of the humidity.

If you don’t want to miss this beauty of nature, book our excursion to Santo Domingo and get ready to get to know Los Tres Ojos National Park up close.

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