How to go to Isla Saona

Why visit Isla Saona?

Saona Island is a most loved objective for all voyagers who show up in Punta Cana. A trip that will most recent one day yet will be associated with numerous years.

It ought to be noticed that the nearby open vehicle administration isn’t exceptionally dependable and that in the event that you go all alone, you ought to make arrangements for potential deferrals so as not to miss the exchange from Bayahibe to Isla Saona.

Step by step instructions to go to Isla Saona from Boca Chica
To go from Boca Chica to Isla Saona, you need to go through Bayahibe (the port from which the boats withdraw for Isla Saona).

The least expensive approach from Boca Chica to Isla Saona is to get by transport to Bayahibe, and from that point, go by boat to La Isla. In any case, regardless of whether it is the least expensive, getting by transport from Boca Chica to Bayahibe can take you somewhat more than 3 hours, and considering the many stops made by the transport… It isn’t the most commonsense choice.

That’s what the best thing is assuming you stay in Boca Chica, lease a vehicle, and you can get to Bayahibe in under 60 minutes.

Assuming that you choose to visit Isla Saona, (regardless of whether you get to Bayahibe without help from anyone else), book a visit ahead of time, since there is an exceptionally high likelihood that once you are in Bayahibe you won’t track down places, since the trip boats that go to Isla Saona generally leave full consistently.
Step by step instructions to go to Isla Saona from Juan Dolio
There are three approaches from Juan Dolio to the city of Bayahíbe (from where the boats depart for Isla Saona): transport, taxi and vehicle. The excursion by transport is 1 hour 13 minutes, while by taxi or vehicle the excursion is 55 minutes.

From Bayahibe the outing to Isla Saona will go on via ocean.

Instructions to get from Punta Cana to Isla Saona
It is feasible to go from Punta Cana to Bayahibe by transport, taxi or vehicle. By open transport (or line) the outing endures 2 hours 46 minutes, while by taxi and rental vehicle it requires 50 minutes.

This should incorporate the exchange between the lodging and the bus stop or taxi outlet in Punta Cana.

The most effective method to get from Santo Domingo to Isla Saona
There are two transportation choices that permit you to get to Bayahibe: transport through La Romana and vehicle. By transport the excursion requires 2 hours 20 minutes, while by taxi it requires 1 hour 38 minutes. From Bayahibe you should take a boat to Isla Saona.

The simplest and most prescribed approach to Isla Saona from Santo Domingo is by transport. The visit endures 2 hours 49 minutes. The ticket cost on this transport costs around 5 bucks.

The most effective method to get from Samaná to Isla Saona
The choices to go to Isla Saona from Samaná are showing up in Bayahibe by transport and vehicle. By transport the excursion requires around 6 hours and 45 minutes, while via vehicle it is 4 hours.

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