Traveling to Punta Cana with children: What to see and what to do with the family

What to do on your trip with children to Punta Cana
a trip with children is not always easy. And it is normal that before preparing a trip we have doubts about whether it will be a safe place, if there will be activities for them, etc. Traveling to Punta Cana with children

If you have thought about getting to know the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana can be a perfect option for your family trip. But is it an ideal destination to enjoy with or without children?

The answer is very simple; it is a good destination to travel in all modalities; alone, as a couple, with friends or family, it all depends on how you organize yourself and that you are well informed before anything else.

Where to Stay?

For this type of trip, we recommend staying in all-inclusive tourist complexes, as they have specific facilities and services for children, such as nurseries or children’s activities.

In case you are interested, we have made a list of hotels considered to be the best in Bávaro (Punta Cana). You can see it here. You can also check our list of hotels and resorts in Punta Cana by area.

Activities to do as a family

When doing the activities, we recommend that you value the options well and opt for excursions in small groups and as personalized as possible.

In the first place because you will be calmer knowing that there is more security and also so that you can enjoy a close experience. Small group activities create good energy and bond with other families.

Do you want to know the differences between booking activities from the hotel itself or doing it with a local agency in Punta Cana? We tell you here.

And without further ado; We tell you some of our favorite activities to do in Punta Cana with the little ones. Enjoy it!

Saona Island Excursion

Ready to explore Punta cana city tours

Isla Saona is the largest nature reserve in the Dominican Republic, so there is a compelling reason for you to make this visit a mandatory part of your trip. Isla Saona stands out for its beaches, the best valued by tourists being El Canto de la Playa, but also for its fishing villages such as Mano Juan.

Other essential places such as the Sea Turtle Sanctuary and the protected area of ​​the Mangroves or the natural pool of Isla Saona (one of the largest in the world) will show you that no matter how many postcards and images you have seen, there is still a lot of Punta Cana to discover.

The best of all is that the children will discover a very striking fauna (such as giant stars) and flora that they will always remember.

Excursion to Santo Domingo

A family outing is also a great option to get to know the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo de Guzmán (official name of the capital of the Dominican Republic) merengue and bachata are played and culture, street art and the joy of Dominicans are breathed.

Views of the Colonial Zone, El Alcázar de Colón, Los Tres Ojos National Park or a simple walk through Parque Colón can become another of those beautiful experiences to keep in your suitcase.

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