Coco bongo Punta Cana what a “Show”.

What incorporates wit your tickets when you visit Coco Bongo Punta Cana?

Coco bongo Punta cana Show

All ticket types incorporate shows and transportation to and from your lodging
Contingent upon the ticket (see depiction) beverages or free drinks are incorporated
Entrance Drink Pack

  • Shows from the dance floor
  • Free drinks of public beverages
  • Gold Part Ticket

Shows from the celebrity Zone with saved seats

Free drinks of premium beverages: tequila (Herradura Blanco, Herradura Reposado or Jimador Añejo), vodka (Ketel One), bourbon (Johnnie Walker Dark Name or Johnnie Walker Red Mark), whiskey (Jack Daniel’s), rum (Skipper Morgan or Bacardi Blanco ), liquor (Torres X), gin (Tanqueray), cognac (Martell V.S), wine (determination of Chardonnay or Cabernet) and brew (XX Ale, XX Ambar, Tecate Light, Bohemia Obscura, Coors Light or Sol)
first column entrance

Shows from the celebrity Zone with saved seats

Customized administration: individualized help and consideration at the table
Free drinks of Premium beverages (same menu as Gold Part)
Cost and pickups

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