Miches Dominican Republic

Miches Dominican Republic is located on the Atlantic coast of the northeast of the country.

It also sits between the northern slopes of the Eastern mountain range and the southern shore of the Samaná Bay, with an abundance of tropical and marine forests of unusual beauty.

As part of the Atlantic Coast, Miches has a large number of nearby beaches considered one of the best in the country, on whose coasts there are abundant coconut and almond trees. Along kilometers of white beach, you can enjoy a sea with calm and turquoise watersMangroves, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves complement an offer of spectacular natural beauty.

The town of Miches is very cozy and exhibits a great promenade from where you can enjoy the sea breezes or enjoy the unique local cuisine.


pool party at Miches

The traveler looking to stay in Miches will find a varied hotel offer. The La Loma hotel owes its name to its location. It is located on a hill that allows a spectacular view of the town of Miches and the bay of Samaná. It is made up of various villas….


the Experience of a Lifetime at Miches

Miches exhibits varied gastronomy. The emphasis, of course, is on seafood: fish, crabs, shrimp, prawns, octopus, oysters, tilapias … The visitor to Miches will find a rich and varied gastronomic offer: For example, the Al Coco restaurant offers seafood, fish, shrimp, and crabs, and also Creole food. Jackeline Asaderos offers seafood of all kinds, shrimp, lambi, fish, they serve fried or roasted chicken, steamed fish, and all kinds of rice. Dona Italia sells Creole food: herring, yams, cod, crab dough, fish, pork, and beef. This is the restaurant with the longest gastronomic tradition in Miches. Orfelina is a hotel and restaurant. The restaurant offers seafood soup, salpicón, grilled fish, pork loin, among others. Rajanoris, an a la carte menu with a wide range of seafood, pizza, Creole food in all its diversity. In Miches a special offer of seafood and fish is organized every weekend, known as the Festival del Sabor Marino

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